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☆ Welcome to my Website! ☆

welcome to my site after i fucking killed it and killed it and killed it and killed it and killed it-

hai hai im nexus uhmmm im a fucked up little internet girl

im a guy who simply likes the internet (hasn't been offline for more than a day since 2020) and i also have autism (shocking) and i reallllyyy like manga and anime and touhou and a lot of stuff actually wow

FRIENDS!!!!!!!! mika, citrus, odette!!!!! ok i actualyl dont have a lot of people i consider friends

work in progress


current mood: bored

favorite song at the moment: between two worlds - world of darkness

favorite band/artist at the moment: mili

relationship status: single

occupation: LEE ARKNIGHTS

credits to eggramen for the CSS template used for this site

this site should look fine on chrome

none of the graphics on this site are mine, if you see any of your graphics on my site and would like me to remove them let me know and i'll replace them